On a beautiful Saturday afternoon in October, a powerful white supremacy organization name Purification Of America Today begins a series of devastating terrorist attacks all around America that leave the entire nation shocked and stunned. In one day this organization executes massive coordinated attacks as they murder Jews, Hispanics, African-Americans, homosexuals, illegal immigrants, and bomb abortion clinics and Muslim mosques in several cities. As the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security desperately try to apprehend the organization in the days following the attacks, Purification Of America Today soon ups the ante when they suddenly abduct seven black toddlers from a Detroit daycare center.

When Joshua Edwards, a well-renowned African-American journalist blogger with staunch liberal views, unleashes a torrid of criticism against Purification Of America Today for their vicious actions in his immensely popular blog, Purification Of America Today suddenly kidnaps him and holds him hostage. As a condition of not harming the abducted children and to save his own life, Purification Of America Today forces Joshua Edwards to write editorials in his prominent blog during his captivity that favor their extreme radical views.

The imprisoned journalist has no choice but to follow their commands until a sympathizer within the organization secretly comes to his aid. He offers to help Joshua and the kidnapped children escape, but the perilous mission is fraught with numerous obstacles that could get Joshua, the children, and the sympathizer himself killed.

America Calling 911 is a fast-paced mega thriller that will have you riveted right to the very end. Once the fuse is lit, there’s no stopping the explosion that’s bound to come!


A Family Under Siege is a captivating spiritual suspense story about an African-American family who becomes drawn into the center of a major nationwide media scandal that threatens to tear apart their family. One strong God-fearing woman is determined to save her family from total destruction. When the pressure against her family becomes overwhelming, she relies on the one force to save them—THE POWER OF GOD.

A Family Under Siege is a testimony to what the power of God can do in a family who’s overburdened with problems. This captivating story is compelling, thought provoking, and will have you riveted to every page of this fast-paced suspense.


It’s the hot sweltering summer and the town of Jonesboro, Mississippi is on edge. Tempers are flaring and the town is ripe for provocation. Two individuals, Terry Gupton, a slick, powerful entrepreneur, and KC, a ruthless thug who rules the streets of Jonesboro, have been at odds with one another for years. They have the town divided right down the middle as the citizens have come to loath and hate either Terry or KC. A deadly showdown is on the verge of ensuing between these two embittered foes. When Katrina, a conniving, manipulative woman, begins spreading a vicious secret around town, it fuels the fire even more as the entire town braces for the showdown.

One God-fearing man is determined to save Jonesboro from the deadly confrontation. But will his prayers and efforts be enough to prevent the deadly showdown from occurring?

The Gossip Tree is a spiritual suspense story about courage under fire, and it is a story that will have you riveted to it, from one gripping scene after another.



The kidnapping of a precious six-year-old girl by the Mafia leads to an outrageous ransom demand of twenty million dollars. With only six weeks to deliver the high price ransom and save the girl’s life, an unprecedented race to attain the money by the abducted girl’s family quickly ensues. As the days tick down to the deadline for the ransom to be paid, a vicious crime spree on an unimaginable scope and level evolves as the entire country becomes glued and riveted to this mega media story.


A mother who has raised her fourteen-year-old son, Jonathan, to worship and fear the Lord, has great hope and promise that he will someday grow up and make a contribution to the world. Jonathan, a mild mannered boy who loves learning all he can about the Bible, strives every day to make a difference in people’s lives. He is a young stalwart on fire to do the work of the Lord; a true zealot for the side of the good.

However, when Jonathan is falsely accused of murdering a prominent white storekeeper in the town of Clayville, Georiga, it suddenly turns everything upside down. Racism, hate, and animosity fuel the people of the town as Jonathan becomes the target and scapegoat for this heinous murder. Despite the many prayers and pleas from Jonathan’s devastated mother and concerned others for his acquittal of the crime, he is soon convicted, sentenced to life in prison, and taken away. A lawyer immediately sets out to get the unjust verdict overturned, but can Jonathan withstand the hard rigors of confinement, and more importantly, can his faith remain strong and not falter during this ultimate test?


Luckville, a small African American town that has been in deep financial debt for years, suddenly enjoys immense success and wealth when a beautiful, charismatic sorcerer comes to their town and begins to do all sorts of mindboggling, extraordinary things. But when the citizens of Luckville soon experience widespread sickness and disease, everyone desperately begins to plead for this wondrous, powerful sorcerer to save them. However, the citizens of Luckville quickly realize, to their horror, that this charming sorcerer has done nothing but doom them to a sentence of misery and death.

Madam Jamberry’s Wonderful Potion is a spiritual suspense story that will test the faith of the citizens of Luckville like no one has been tested before. A struggle between good versus evil is at play as serious ramifications await the citizens of Luckville if evil wins out. The very life of the town of Luckville is at stake, and each day, the sand in the proverbial hourglass is quickly running out.

Madam Jamberry's Wonderful Potion